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Even in a down economy you can build sales, increase customer counts and increase guest averages with the right restaurant marketing plan. The key is to do the right things that will produce the results you want.

It’s not about throwing more money at expensive advertising campaigns or hiring expensive ad agencies, in fact many successful marketing plans require very little investment. It’s much more important to follow a step-by-step approach that produces results. But the challenge is knowing how to create that marketing plan with very limited time to focus on it, all while it seems the competition has more resources and more time to steal your customers. And guess what – they do!


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* How To Make More Cash and Enjoy Life More In The Competitive Food Service Business! 

* The Five Basic Methods of Growing Profits and Sales!

* Increase Income From Your Current Customer Base!

* Neighborhood Marketing Step By Step!

* Power Promotions That Work!

* Fund Raisers That Increase Sales!

* And Much, Much, More…

Successful restaurant marketing is not about spending thousands of dollars on media or finding the next silver bullet that will send floods of guests into your doors, the truth is you have to know how to think like a marketer.  But for most restaurant owners and managers, marketing is not why they got into the restaurant business.  In fact it’s often their least favorite part of the job and becomes an afterthought.  That’s why Restaurant Marketing Secrets provides a step by step process that will teach you how to think like a marketer.


Tap Into My Restaurant Marketing Experience…

As the Marketing Director for chains of 100+ locations, restaurant marketing was my full-time focus. Now that I’ve left the corporate life, I’m ready to share my wealth of information with you, to show step by step how you can compete with the big guys. I’ve sat in the board rooms, attended the fancy marketing conferences, and learned how the chains think. And believe it or not, you have some great advantages over the big guys.

The biggest advantage is your ability to act and react quickly. You don’t have to get your marketing plans past the board of directors and a committee of executives. Your ability to move fast gives you a great opportunity to outwit and outmaneuver the big national chains! Restaurant Marketing Secrets will give you the ammo and ideas to help get you started.

The restaurant industry is in a different place today than the decades of endless growth we enjoyed. Now more than ever, a focus on marketing is as important as your focus on the food you serve.

Restaurant Marketing Secrets

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“David has compiled one of the most thorough collections of basic restaurant marketing tips and strategies available. A comprehensive, detailed resource that can help any operator drive sales! Great job!” 

Troy Brackett, Publisher,

The National Restaurant Association says the restaurant industry’s decades of easy growth are over.

Being good is no longer good enough. In today’s market, it’s not how much you know about cooking that determines your income, it is how effective you are at selling yourself and your establishment that determines the balance in your bank account.

The unhappy fact is that you can turn out the best food on the planet, and bend over backwards to satisfy each customer, and still starve to death — if you cannot affordably and efficiently attract a steady stream of good, high-profit customers.

You may say, “Wait a minute, I’m not a sales person. I can’t do that.” But I can turn you into a restaurant marketing expert almost overnight with my easy-to-use, step by step, restaurant marketing system.

Restaurant Marketing

Order Now For Immediate Download – Only $47

“Restaurant Marketing Secrets” will teach you to think like a successful restaurant marketer.

To read all the food service trade magazines, you’d think the answer to all your worries was to increase your menu offerings by adding one more piece of expensive equipment, then the customers will be breaking down your doors. Technology is seductive.

The pressure to add one more piece of the latest new equipment and invest in technology is incredible. But I don’t think piling on another loan or lease payment is the answer to your sagging sales. Buying new machines or adding menu items does NOT guarantee more customers or profits. Not at all.

The most important thing you can perform is a “sales make-over” for the fastest results in curing your business headaches by watching your bank balance swell.

You can have this knowledge immediately.

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Knowledge is power, and through a series of simple exercises and projects, you will know yourself, know your customers, know your competition and know your market.  There’s page after page of ideas and information to drive traffic through advertising, promotions, public relations, in-store marketing and more — 110 pages of useful, insightful information from someone who’s been in the marketing field for the past two decades!

RestaurantMarketingSecrets Book


ONLY $47.00!

I’ve spent ten times as much for less than half the information contained in my book. If you’ve attended the tradeshows and seminars, you know it’s true. In fact to show how confident in this deal, I’ll actually give you the comparisons to other restaurant marketing gurus.

Tom Feltenstein’s Online Restaurant Marketing Program $3,997

Joel Cohen’s Restaurant Sales Building Manual $247

With Restaurant Marketing Secrets, there’s no hidden costs or upsell offers — it’s all here! All the marketing information you need to build sales and guest counts is included for only $47 dollars!


If you use only ONE IDEA from RESTAURANT MARKETING SECRETS and that one idea gets you ONE NEW CUSTOMER who spends $25 A MONTH at your restaurant for the next 4 years, YOU’VE GAINED $1,200 IN SALES from a small $47 investment. I strongly believe this will have a much larger impact than just one new customer!



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Blueprints Of A NEW Product Rollout

This report takes an in-depth examination of New Product Introductions – including how you can take this page out of the National Chain’s marketing playbook and use it to build sales and guest counts at your restaurant. Don’t underestimate the power of the New Product Rollout to enhance your brand and supercharge your earnings.


Ad Methods Exposed

Advertising Methods
EXPOSED: The Advantages and Disadvantages.

This report examines the primary mass media advertising methods, including newspaper, direct mail, radio, broadcast television, cable television, and transit advertising. It gives the straight facts. They each have strengths and weaknesses — we lay them out for you in plain English. If you don’t have this information when you’re choosing advertising, you may be throwing away your ad money!

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Restaurant Marketing Secrets


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